We are the Airship Alacran, members of the steam community for over four years. We are all absolutely in love with Neo-Victorian Science Fiction- or as we are all so fond of calling it, “Steampunk.” In our time with the community, we have seen so many wondrous things that we wish we could have shared with the world. Things that at some points were so awe inspiring, that they left us without words.

The Steampunk community has ignited itself with this spirit. We have watched professionals share the secrets of their trade. The very things that bring us together are often so far apart that we miss them. Members of the community, new and old should be exposed to the wonders of our amazing society from across the country as well as the world. We have decided that the treasures and baubles, the trinkets and wonders need to be shared with you, in a monthly box, where we hope to further unite this very intrinsically linked community.

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The Monthly Steampunk Box